Getting started – what you need in order to play polo

Getting into the playing field without knowing what is expected of you as a player is signing up for failure. Every game has its rule, so does Polo. Rules are everywhere, which is why you need to know the rules before you get into the field. Polo is fascinating; the sight of the horses, the thought of chasing a ball and competing while on a horseback is both exciting and can send a cold shiver down your spine. It is for these reasons that one may be drawn to the game, which is all right .I mean, this game is unique, and its thrilling .Who doesn’t want to experience this in their lives, right? Now that you are interested in the game, the next step is to find out how to get yourself from a mere point of interest into the playing field. Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about polo:-

  • Get necessary training-The fact that you’re green to the game should motivate you to get training. If you are not trained, you may end up being embarrassed when you fail your team and at the same time, you are risking your life. Polo can be dangerous if not played well, that is why you should enroll in a training program ASAP as long as you want to play the game. In case your schedule is a bit tight, you can try weekend classes, after all everything comes at a price.
  • Getting the right attire-What you wear to a game is very important. Wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely without any mishaps.
  • Get a horse-Do not be scared by this. Buying a horse can be expensive especially if you are not able to afford it. The thought of the large amount of cash needed to buy a horse just spoils the fun that comes with the game. Take a breather now, there’s an easier way out; renting a horse. Renting a horse is not only cheaper but also the best option for a polo beginner. You do not know much about the game at this stage so it’s best for you to rent a horse as you save up so as to purchase one in future.
  • Get the rules right=Mastering the rules will keep you safe. Staying safe is very important to you as a player. In addition, by staying safe here, I mean both as a person and in the game .Its common sense that for you to last in a game you must abide by the rules .There’s no way you’ll win if you do not know the rules, let alone abide by them.
  • Practice- Practice makes perfect. Seize any opportunity you get to put to practice what you have learnt from your training sessions .Commitment will always get you good results .It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile, so why not? Technology has made things easier for most of us nowadays. You can complement your practice with online tutorials .There are plenty of them available on you tube, different websites for polo trainers, name it! You literally have no excuse for not getting the best results out of yourself.

Well, you have it now. It is all up to your commitment and effort. Remember no skill is too hard to master as long as you put your mind into it.

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